When living abroad, news from home doesn’t seem to travel so fast. It may take days to hear of what the States’ administration is up to now, and it can be a breath of fresh air to hear of some heated new stories a while after they have died down. On some rare occasions, something bursts from the seams and demands attention. Trump’s recent anti-immigration advertisement is something that can’t be glanced past. It wholly represents fear-mongering and blatant racism that we still haven’t seen any negative repercussions for.

In the video, an undocumented immigrant states that he had killed two police officers in the US, and would do it again. Another immigrant explains that he’d like a pardon for attempted murder. The video contains rhetoric blaming Democrats for letting them in, and ultimately calls its viewers to vote Republican in order to “Make America Safe Again.” The message doesn’t seem to only blame Democrats. The main idea is much clearer. Trump’s continuing to use simple examples of violence in order to instil fear in his constituents. He’s providing a simple and easy-to-understand answer to why people do not feel safe. Unfortunately, it seems to have worked in the past.

It seems that Americans lack the ability or will to recognise that singular cases of violence or murder don’t define an entire race’s motives. I’m ashamed that xenophobic tendencies are so easily promoted, and that we are so easily fooled as a nation. This ad brought back memories of Trump brandingimmigrants as rapists and criminals sent to poison our nation. It is something that has re-ignited indescribable frustration. Years after Trump’s commentary on immigrants, we are seeing the same rhetoric. Nothing has changed, and that is nothing short of appalling.

I’m sick and tired of this administration getting away with clear delusion and misuse of power. America can’t survive on quick wildfires of upheaval that are put out almost instantly. If we want any progress, we must continue to demonstrate that racism is not okay, that sexism is not okay, that gun violence is not okay. Short-lived marches and movements are not enough. We must press the media until stories of our anger overpower coverage of his ignorance. Momentum that’s gained needs to be used to constantly irk Trump and his supporters until they understand that the policies and rhetoric that is put forth is simply not excusable. The potential for further poor decisions is too dire for these movements to die out.

Trump’s nationalism is taking a devastating hold on Americans. It’s an embarrassment that xenophobia and racism can be so blatantly supported and so easily excused. Trump and his supporters shouldn’t be invincible. They must be held accountable for rhetoric that is so blatantly misguided, because it holds potential for massive danger and division.