Whilst scrolling through my Facebook I came across a post from an old school friend.

It contained an appeal hoping to raise money for the Palestinians who had died in Gaza.

It was accompanied with a couple of lines which expressed his care for the Palestinian people as well as a subtle implied message condemning Israel.

What is seemingly a conscientious young man’s display of support for an oppressed people is in fact the perfect example of his deep-down and quiet resentment towards the Jews he went to school with.

Please bear with me – I am not a right-wing, Netanyahu-loving, Zionist obsessive lunatic.

I would appreciate someone explaining what makes an individual post an appeal about the nine civilians killed by Israeli fire and not the 3,729 killed by Assad.

I am Jew who holds centre-left views and engages more with Palestinian civil society and left-wing Israel movements than most. I condemn Israel’s actions which occurred on Monday and support my Palestinian friends in their case for justice.

However, my support for the Palestinian people’s inalienable right for their own state will not deter me in calling out a new form of anti-Semitism present among many non-Jewish, public-school, university attending kids.

I went to school with this boy for ten years. We were in classes together, played in many sports teams & travelled on both football and rugby tours together as well. I would say we were friends and that I knew him well.

As a person he is by no means a prolific human rights advocate, he is not interested in geo-political tensions and he almost certainly does not care about the Palestinians.

I knew this at school and doubt much has changed.

Surely if he cared about the Palestinians then he would have done similar appeals in response to the 3,729 Palestinians killed by Assad. Or the 1,647 who are currently imprisoned. Or the 120,000 who have been made homeless. These aren’t Syrians, but Palestinians. My Palestinian friends are equally upset about the murders of their brothers and sisters in Syria as they are about the ones in Gaza, but this kid isn’t.

He only draws attention to Palestinians killed by Israeli fire.

Logically, I don’t understand how an appeal is prompted when 40,000 Palestinians are protesting, 62 are killed, 50 are members of Hamas, three from Islamic Jihad which makes 0.02% of those who protested civilian casualties but not when 3,729 are killed and 120,000 are made homeless.

I would appreciate someone explaining what makes an individual post an appeal about the nine civilians killed by Israeli fire and not the 3,729 killed by Assad.

To me, it feels like a deliberate attempt to wind up the Jews he went to school with.

Why? Because he resents them. Siding against Israel is the most effective and legitimate method in sticking it to us.

Many of the Jews, myself included, who attended my school lived up to many of the stereotypes often associated with North West London Jews – we were thought of as having an aura of entitlement and superiority, specifcally. Behaviour that has arguably inspired feelings of resentment and anger amongst this boy and others like him.

Instead of labelling this group as Jews like the Christian anti-Semites did, or describing them in racial terms like Hitler did, or throwing anti-Semitic tropes like most of medieval Europe did – because they can’t – they hide behind a humanitarian cause which hits a raw nerve for many North West London Jews.

He sides with the Palestinians not because he cares about them but because he knows criticising Israel is a legitimate way to say, to those Jews he went to school with, a firm ‘Fuck you’.

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