We have spent time developing a list of meaningful ways in which The Broad will become more diverse and representative. Here follows our statement of intent to become a more inclusive publication:  


  • We are currently publishing a series of articles on racism around the world.
  • We are encouraging our team members to actively read about representation and diversity in journalism in order to inform our own work.
  • We will be combing our content and ensuring that there is no content which endorses white supremacy, white privilege or racist views. We apologise for content that has had to be retroactively removed and promise to do better in our selection and editorial processes to ensure this never happens again.

From August 2020:

We have set aside a period of time during July 2020, in order to ensure we have time to develop the following by August 2020.

  • We will ensure it is clear that we want to encourage applications from people from BME backgrounds for writing, editorial and management positions. We will provide a diversity form for people to fill in alongside their applications, however this will be entirely anonymous and not attached to individual applications. We will use these forms exclusively to examine the diversity of our applicants, in order to evaluate how The Broad is progressing in terms of ensuring our applications are inclusive and welcoming to people from all backgrounds.
  • We will contact black-owned businesses to offer editorial promotions on our website for free.
  • We will contact other Edinburgh-based student publications, with the aim of gaining as many of these publications as possible as signatories on a further statement of intent, producing a collective commitment to this, long-term. From this, we plan to form a collective document lobbying IPSO to have inclusivity emphasised in their editors’ guidelines. 
  • We will introduce a complaints form to provide anybody who would like to address an issue that they have with The Broad’s output with a means to do so. 
  • We are working on a free, non-exhaustive intersectional resource list (which will be updated continually) which will become a permanent feature of our website.

June 2021: 

  • We will conduct a substantial review of where the publication stands in terms of diversity and inclusion and reevaluate our goals. 

These aims were set out by Helena Irvine (Managing Director), Felix Pawlyn (Secretary), Albie Mills (Director of Strategy), Ailie Ross-Oliver (Editor-in-Chief) and Saffron Roberts (Former Editor-in-Chief).