The 45th President of the United States, Donald Trump, has arrived for his ceremonious ‘state visit’ to the UK. An event so highly anticipated, it is being met with its own carnival. Named the ‘Carnival of Resistance’ by its organisers, thousands of quasi-political-activists are expected to descend onto the streets of London. They will rally around the event’s centrepiece feature, a six-meter-tall inflatable Baby Trump donning a nappy. However, contrary to their name, the ‘Stop Trump’ activists, will be doing everything but stopping his tweeting or his policies. In fact, the naïve event will play into the infamously small hands of the Donald.

‘His rhetoric of hate and divisiveness isn’t accepted here’ proclaims the campaign website. I agree his rhetoric is divisive and ignorant, yet the bandwagon effect forming around this campaign brings our own ignorance to light. The tangible success of the event will be negligible, other than feeding the egos of opportunistic political-activist, the Donald really does not care about what you have to say- his campaign should have taught you that he thrives on divisiveness. The event will, however, cost the government millions. £5 million has been the estimate to police his golfing visit to Scotland, the cost of policing in London will be tenfold. The economic incentive appears to be just about the only rational explanation for the carnival; anti-Trump merchandise is being manufactured and sold all across the country and even a ‘Dump the Trump’ brew is being imported from New Zealand to make a buck on the newfound activism.

As ministers shy away from the shambles that is Brexit, the UK can simply not afford to be jeopardising its special-relationship on the other side of the Atlantic. Yet when footage of privileged brits sipping DTP and disrespecting the US commander-in-chief is aired by US media, it will do just that. Alienating republicans, the intended effect of his voters hammering him at the midterms will be inverse. To his voters, this will only reaffirm their President’s big foreign policy claim: America’s NATO allies don’t respect their country and his radical reversal of the post-war order is in their best interests.