We must respect the vote of the people on Brexit, there will be no second referendum, so why did the Tories get the chance for a second vote on their leadership? As events play out, things become clear that were not before: the way things are managed, organised, dealt with. You don’t know if something works until you try it, so why is this only valid when it comes to the votes of highly educated Parliamentary Parties? 

Theresa May gained confidence by 63% to 37%, and yet it is being questioned whether 63% is enough. Despite this, 52% is more than enough for the UK to make the enormous decision to leave the EU, thus putting the citizenship of countless people who live here, in question. Everyone is comparing her to Thatcher, who stepped down with four more supporters than May. This pushes this idea that a third of people against you is just too many, so why is this not the case with the Brexit vote, or the Scottish IndyRef? 

There are such complex issues at play, when it comes to the weight of the votes of different people. Seemingly, members of the Conservative Party have the right to change their mind, crucially, when they are presented with evidence of which they were not initially aware: in this case, May’s leadership. Despite this, the people of the UK are not being given the same respect: we voted on information we were given, which was limited and – largely – inaccurate, so why are we not being granted the same respect to vote on the actual leave agreement? 

If over 50% actually is enough to reflect the will of the people – as many MPs are saying – then why is it that other elected MPs are pushing for no Brexit; seemingly against the will of the people? The British people are being played with, mocked, devalued, and it is not acceptable that we should be treated as lower-class citizens. When we vote, we are questioned: a slim majority, but a majority nonetheless, voted to Leave the EU. That same majority are still being questioned, being treated as though they were ignorant in their voting. Was this deliberate? Why were we not given all of the information when we voted? It is frankly barbaric for a Government to hold a public referendum and a) not give the voters all the accurate information they need to vote, so that later on they can say that votes were cast in ignorance, and b) behave as though they are following the will of the people, but not give the people the final say on the way our will is carried out. 

The UK Government are in tatters; the parties are in civil war. Brexiteer Tories in the blue corner, anti-May in the red, pro-Corbyn labourites in the yellow, Blairites in the green, the Welsh and Scottish left out in the cold. This is not the Government we voted for and it is not a Government I feel secure will help us make such a life-changing decision. They can’t even stand next to each other in interviews. My home seat has never been anything but Labour, and I have voted Labour always, but right now, I couldn’t put my hand on my heart and tell you any party that could handle Brexit alone. Parliament must come together to reach an agreement that reflects the will of the people, the things that the people voted for – both the 48% and the 52% – and they must do that as a collective body, not as a group of teenagers scrapping in the park.