Over the past month I have been travelling and whilst I was away I met lots of lovely people, many of whom were from other countries within the European Union. Time and time again, many of them told me that people across the EU were fed up with the UK’s shambolic, demanding and rude politicians. Additionally, they told me that they doubted the EU would give the UK any further extension to the deadline that had been set. They argued that, frankly, Brexit was the result of a vote three years ago and little had happened since then; clearly it wasn’t the right decision for the UK as it has not been acted upon.

I understand what they are saying. From the outside it is clear that in the past three years little progress has been made; we have had three Brexit ministers and Tory party members are currently voting for a new leader, which will result in the impending announcement of our third Prime Minister.

Meanwhile, the only deal that has been negotiated in this three year period, has been branded “dead anyway” by Boris Johnson – the bookies’ favourite to win the leadership contest. In the same vein, the sole other candidate in this contest, Jeremy Hunt, has argued that he will renegotiate to achieve a new deal.

As a result, the only deal that has been negotiated has now been discarded and, as a result, no progress has been made.

Many people that I met gave me their take on the current situation and the impact that Brexit would have. A chatty Belgian called Erma told me that from her perspective it was clear that “other countries in the European Union will not be punished for a British decision”. She believed that “only the UK will suffer”. Robin from the Netherlands said to me; “ordinary working people in the UK will be the ones who suffer the most and they will struggle in the face of the consequences of Brexit”.

Similarly, one woman from Germany said to me; “the UK already has so many special arrangements… any other deal will be worse than what you currently have”. She also felt that the UK had wasted a lot of time and she felt exasperated by the whole process, she joked; “I would just kick the UK out, they are so demanding”.

Altogether, it is evident that people across the EU are just as fed up with Brexit as many of us are at home. Any form of Brexit will be hugely detrimental to our futures and the futures of our children and grandchildren.

All considered, the only way we can avoid the damages that Brexit will have on jobs, the economy, the environment and people across the UK, is through a People’s Vote. Overall, the only way to solve this political crisis is by letting people have their say.