1. Double homicide

2. Involvement in multiple other homicides including those by his wife & Chief of Staff

3. Bribery & embezzlement of federal funds

4. Multiple claims of sexual assault & misconduct

These are the combined offences of fictional President Frank Underwood (of the Netflix blockbuster House of Cards), not, as far as we know, the real one.

After years wondering what would bring about Underwood’s downfall, it’s ironic that the overcooked and charred TV series has finally been nullified by the actions not of the onscreen President, but instead by the man behind the drama, actor Kevin Spacey.

‘everything is about sex, except sex- sex is about power’

Watching Spacey groping and pushing his personal trainer against a wall was not enjoyable to watch. Disturbingly the scene foreshadowed far more uncomfortable (and real-life) truths.

There are deeper undertones of this repulsive episode. If Netflix can react with such impressive decision so soon after the allegations, how and why do we still have a ‘pussy grabber’ in the White House? It’s no great stretch of the imagination envisaging Trump adopting a scorched earth Underwoodesque fury (‘if she doesn’t pardon me, I’ll kill her’) considering that he admits that ‘when I come home and dinner’s not ready, I go through the roof.’

Underwood’s motto that ‘everything is about sex, except sex- sex is about power’ seems also to have manifested in the President’s day to day actions.

At the time of its writing, House of Cards was a political fantasy, with its appeal lying in its audacity. A tale of questionable Russian interference, a President having an affair with a younger woman while desiring autocratic supremacy; it’s almost like the screenwriter had a crystal ball into the Trump White House.

Nowadays, the parallels are haunting. Whether Trump would delve to the same depths to hold onto power are unknown, but the show loses its appeal knowing that both Trump and the man behind Underwood’s character too have considerable atonement to do.

A more unrealistic story is being played out in the White House than on our screen.