Great Thunberg – Unequivocal Hero

To lend credence to arguments that label Greta Thunberg ‘blind’ and her climate strikes ‘relatively pointless’ is ignorant. Thunberg is intelligent, informed and far from infantile. Judging by the fact that the author of the luke-warm, disparaging article last week essentialised Thunberg and Plato’s complex concept led me to believe their article was not worth responding to. But then, I thought again because the world needs Thunberg and her message.

Thunberg did not start her movement, ‘to raise her voice’ as this article claimed. In an interview for BBC Thunberg refutes this as she urges anyone that comes into contact with her message to ‘Listen to the science. Listen to the scientists. Invite them to talk. […] I’m just speaking on behalf of them. I’m trying to say what they have been saying for decades. […] I am not a celebrity.’

Yes, she is a good figure and social media platform for the climate message, but to suggest her autism and youth are a ‘PR move’ is inappropriate to say the least. Thunberg herself has explained this saying ‘no autism is not a ‘gift’. For most it is an endless fight against schools, workplaces and bullies. But under the right circumstances, given the right adjustments it CAN be a superpower’. Thunberg’s autism is not a gift to PR it is an inherent part of this hero and part of her innate integral power.

Not everyone thinks, feels and has passions based on how it will be presented to the world. This is a young teenager that is astounded at the lack of action that is being taken to save the world she is so passionate about.

This article claiming ‘One cannot strike against something when they do not even understand how things really work’ is in league with Boris-Johnson-buffoonery, who this week wrote in a piece for The Telegraph that he is fed up with being told that he cares less about the planet than these young people.

It is not a popular modern historiographical opinion but I believe history has always needed leaders to solidify a movements message and draw them to the movement. Leaders create a tangible and sometimes emotional response allowing people to connect with something that can feel like an abstract concept.  I believe Thunberg will feature prominently in the future history books, as school-children study exam questions such as ‘Why did educated people attempt to detract from Thunberg instead of listening to the facts?’. As Margaret Thatcher said ‘if they attack one personally, it means they have not a single political argument left’.

Thunberg tells us that when the house is burning you do not continue as before and think about the insurance claims and reconstructing plans; you do your best to put out the fire. Similarly, we should not stand around quibbling about the minor debates about such leadership. We should get behind her, while we still can. I’m not afraid to be led and inspired by someone younger than me, are you?