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Our Story

Welcome to The Broad – a one-of-a-kind online student publication. What makes you so special? We hear you ask. Well, let us tell you about how we came to be. Almost four years ago, Oliver, one of our co-founders, wanted to get involved in Edinburgh’s student journalism scene. He wrote a piece for one of the most popular student journalism sites. Oliver was writing on a sensitive subject, but the arguments put forward were valid, reasonable and based on principles he thought shared by many – so he certainly wasn’t expecting what happened next. The article was published with one of the central points removed and certain key phrases altered, all without the consent of the author.

So, Oliver called his friend and future co-founder Joseph and they discussed how this could happen and what could be done about it. The more the two of them researched, it became clear Oliver wasn’t alone. His experience was being reflected across UK university campuses. While we’re not trying to say campus debates aren’t often held in good faith, ’no-platforming’, ‘safe-space’ and ‘trigger-warning’ policies, in some circumstances, threaten the important culture of the free exchange of ideas and ultimately allow bad ideas to foster underground. Put simply, the trend for student unions, societies and university faculties controlling what is and isn’t allowed to be said is suffocating the emergence of great ideas that can shape our future. In response Oliver and Joseph dreamed up The Broad. A platform that promotes free speech on campus, not by condemning ‘snowflakes’ or being a dog-whistle for extremism, but by exhibiting the best of student debate and what it can produce – a positive, refreshing and inclusive way forward.

Our Solution

Our mission is to create a platform that will give young people the space to produce the most robust and exciting ideas of their generation. We have a passion for beautifully crafted content which sparks debate. The only way to cultivate the best ideas is to allow the broadest range of opinion to be heard. At The Broad, ideas can clash and develop garnering support only where deserved. If you believe in your ideas and think they deserve a hearing, The Broad is a space to speak for you.

At The Broad, everybody is welcome. We are not guided by a political agenda and our Editor-in-Chief, Ailie is impartial and passionate in equal measure. 

Whether your views are radical, mainstream, left-wing, right-wing or you strongly believe that what is happening on campus is a positive thing you’re welcome to the party and we invite you to contribute. 

The opinions on The Broad are those of the author and are no reflection of the views of the website itself or its owners.

Press Coverage of The Broad

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Our Code of Ethics

The Broad’s operations are governed by our Code of Ethics. These can be viewed in full here.