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Literature in the time of pandemic – what we can learn from our media escapes during global crises

Illustrations by Megan Le Brocq Writing about the Covid-19 pandemic can often seem grueling and unrewarding. There’s a general sense certain topics are completely exhausted, even whilst they are still occurring….

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Taking the L: Lesbophobia in Queer Nightlife

Illustrations by Megan Le Brocq *Names of persons and establishments have been omitted for privacy reasons. To claim that the LGBTQ+ community actively facilitates homophobia seems wildly paradoxical. Historically, queer people…

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How do we comprehend the assassination of David Amess?

Illustrations by Megan Le Brocq Conservative MP David Amess was assassinated on Friday 15th; his death has been treated as a terrorist incident (having been murdered by a 25 year old…

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